About Us:

A & A Autosound was founded on December 7, 2004 in North Hollywood, CA.
  We have over
25 years of combined experience in the car
audio industry.  Our goal at A & A Autosound is to facilitate
an electic environment for an array of affordable car
customizations and installation services.  We pride ourselves
in our knowledge within the car audio industry and our 
combined efforts to consistently provide an unparalleled
selection of low cost car audio services. 

Today, A & A Autosound's dedication to it's customers
extends through our exceptional in-store services and
personal recommendations which aim to assist customers
with tough decisions for their contemporary car audio
choices.  As a result, our store has continued to maintain
its own character in the face of a largely everchanging culture.
Let us be your friendly resource to assist you in
finding your passion for car audio systems.